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This sweet and chewy candy eliquid delivers your favorite chewing gum bubble of flavor, with fresh strawberry and sweet watermelon fruit juice making up its liquid center! Strawberry Watermelon EJuice delivers a breathy and gentle hit of phenomenally chewy strawberry and watermelon, bursting with sweet and dominant flavor. This flavor features large sugared chunks of watermelon freshly hewn in the heat of the summer sun, each chunk glistening with sticky watermelon juice. Next in this delicious eliquid is sunkissed strawberry, offering a kiss of gentle sun flavor in every juicy mouthful. These two fruits are slammed together into a straw-melon, if you will, and stuffed inside a fat sphere of chewy bubblegum!

This eliquid promises to be the candy flavor your vape taste buds have been looking for: sweet and chewy bubblegum with a surprise liquid fruit center! Puff on clouds the size of bubblegum bubbles and soothe those savage sweet tooth cravings at a moment's notice! But don't just munch on fruit, or eye that gumball machine outside. Instead, pick up a bottle of this marvelously crafted eliquid that sports juicy watermelon chunks and sweet strawberries stuffed in the center of a brightly colored gumball!

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