Odin 101 - Flavor Shots

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?? 101 e??a? t? µ??ad??? d?µ??????µa t?? se???? p?? d?a??te? ?ap????? ??te?. ??a ?ept? ?p????? ?ap???? ?e?s? p??µµ????e? t?? a?s??se?? ?ta? t? atµ????µe µe ?aµ??? ?s??, a??? ? ?e?st??? ap??e??s? ?????????eta? ?s? a?eß????µe t?? ?s?? µe ?e?se?? f???t?? p?? s?µp???????? a?µ????? t? ?ap???? ?p?ßa???.

?e??e??µe?? 30ml se s?s?e?as?a (µp???a????) 60ml

???s???: ?? p????? de? µp??e? ?a atµ?ste? ape??e?a?, ??e???eta? a?a??s? µe ß?se?? p?? p????????ta? ??a ???s? µe ??e?t?????? ts?????.

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