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And to prove it, starting from today we will talk about the two new lines by American brand: the Blue line and the Red line.

For the Blue line we kindly received from the manufacturer three of the five e-liquids at moment available on the market, reminding you that although we have 60 ml e-liquid ready to vape bottles, in Italy these products are marketed in the aroma shot series format (20 ml of concentrated aroma to which should be added 40 ml between vegetable glycerine and eventually a nicotine booster). I will not dwell on the well-kept packaging of the product, to which Five Pawns has accustomed us for some time, combining class and elegance with the completeness of the information for the vaper, but I would like to tell you about the peculiarity of this Blue line. It is a line that for the first time on the vaping scene proposes the sea salt as one of the ingredients that make up the mix. Sea salt???

Yes, you read correctly, sea salted flavor. So while hundreds of brands all over the world are struggling to catch up on sweet recipes already seen many times, playing only with a bit of imagination to diversify the official descriptions that accompany them, Five Pawns rewrites the rules of the game and launches itself in a completely new challenge. This is innovation.

It’s all about understanding if the guys from Irvine will manage to come out winners from this challenge and we’re here to find out.

The first e-liquid from the Blue line that is going to be tested is Tabiya:

Juicy, ripe, and green honeydew melon that has been sprinkled with artisan sea salt and garnished with fresh mint leaves. Fruity, fresh, and slightly salty flavor notes make up this refreshing blend.

The opening of the bottle for the usual smell test, presents me a fragrant menthol stamp that captures the scene by placing itself definitely in the foreground. Only after a few moments it’s possible to perceive a delicate nuance of melon which, although with difficulty, can be appreciated for its graceful and very natural tone. The general imprint of this e-liquid clearly suggests its seasonal location, obviously in the summer. Ready to find out more with the vape test.

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